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Mar 24, 2015


Korrika information

The Korrika running  is an exhibition race held every two years in the Basque Country to celebrate and support the Basque language.
The race is organised by the AEK, the association for education in Basque, and usually it is scheduled to last two weeks. The first Korrika was held in 1980, and each one follows a different course, though they always try to cover a large part of Euskal Herria, the historical territories of the Basque Country: Bizkaia, Araba, Gipuzkoa (the "official" version of the Basque Country), Nafarroa (Navarre) and also Lapurdi, Zuberoa and Benafarroa (the French Basque Country).
The race proceeds continuously without even stopping at night. In order to raise money to promote the Basque language, each kilometre of the race is "sold" to a particular individual or company who will lead the race as it passes over the purchased kilometer, and as race leader will carry the original wooden baton from the first Korrika, adorned with the banner of the Basque Country, the Ikurriña.


Today primary 6 students are going to run the official Korrika in Leioa at 3:30.